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He's on the radio with John when it happens.

Later, he wonders whether he could have prevented it if he'd just been there. As John's second-in-command, he'd led his own squad and had been forced to halt their approach until the twenty or so T-600s between them and the entrance had been destroyed, and by then it'd been too late.

Too late to do anything but listen to the single gunshot, to John's last gasping breath, to the disbelieving silence on their channel until the panicked chatter started and the one utter certainty in Marcus' life just... ceases to be.

"Terminator: Salvation" drabble by allaire mikháil, 100 words, gen (possibly implied slash), Marcus POV, rated PG-13. T4 AU. Unbeta'd.

This is a challenge entry written for the "Final Victory" Fanfic Contest on ljconnor_wright @ livejournal. The challenge was to write a short, introspective "reaction" piece to Skynet's final defeat, set at that self-same moment in 2032, from the POV of whatever character the author chose. For this response, I picked (a not-dead AU version of) Marcus Wright.
In 2032, Marcus would have tried like hell to avoid the future they know of coming true. John would be accepting, but willing to make the attempt for the sake of the people he loves. But we know, whatever they say, you can't cheat fate.

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