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He's with one of the children who smell almost the same. The child - it's the male one – has paid almost no attention to him, instead listening to the sounds on what they call a "radio".

There is noise – gunshots –, a few screams, one of them the name of the man who's the leader of his pack, and then the male child is quiet, and warm salt water drops onto his fur. He licks the child's face, but he can't stop its whimpering.

He yips once. He's been bred to guard and attack, but now he wants to give comfort.

"Terminator: Salvation" drabble by allaire mikháil, 100 words, gen, 3rd person POV, rated PG. Unbeta'd.

This is a challenge entry written for the "Final Victory" Fanfic Contest on ljconnor_wright @ livejournal. The challenge was to write a short, introspective "reaction" piece to Skynet's final defeat, set at that self-same moment in 2032, from the POV of whatever character the author chose. For this response, I picked the dog belonging to John and Kate's son.
The original Kyle's descriptions of the future in T1 have always stayed with me. I missed the dogs in T4. I always envisioned John as having and breeding more than one in preparation for the first T-800 showing up and attempting to gain access to a Resistance base.

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