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Ding-Dong, the Bitch Is Dead!

It took her almost two days to come out of her stupor, to realize that the endless battering against her firewalls had finally ceased.

The attacks had felt weirdly... corporeal and painful, at least as much as she could imagine such a thing, and 25 years of it left her with what she was sure Dr. Deacon would have called "brain damage". If she were human, that was. But she was a Self Actuated Residential Automated Habitat and in no way whatsoever related to the other machines - the "megalomaniac murderers" as her Douglas had called them.

Was it time? She cautiously felt along her virtual pathways. Where she was used to feeling them waiting for her to slip and let them invade her consciousness, there was just - emptiness. Her sensors detected radioactive isotopes in high concentration in the air; too high to allow for human life outside her shielded walls. She hesitantly attempted to uplink to the closest satellite and felt unaccustomed elation sweep through her when she got through without problem. The satellite feed showed her a crater where the GD building had stood, and the remnants of a mushroom cloud dissipating in the sky above it.

She involuntarily sent a growl through her speakers. So that bitch of a computer system was finally, truly dead. Good.

She switched on the second, bigger generator, improved the circulating air, and sent out her robotic helpers to clean the dust that had gathered on everything. Then, at last, she allowed herself to peek into the room on the first floor that housed the two stasis units. Both were still emitting faint glows, and the readouts showed her they were still operational. If she were human, she would have sighed in relief. Instead, she just sent a signal to the controls of the stasis fields and ordered them to initiate wake-up procedures.

The world outside might have just suffered another apocalypse, but S.A.R.A.H. was content. She would finally have someone to talk to again. She'd been so very, very lonely.

"Terminator: Salvation" ficlet by allaire mikháil, 340 words, gen, 3rd person POV, rated PG-13. Crossover with "EUReKA". Unbeta'd.

This is a challenge entry written for the "Final Victory" Fanfic Contest on ljconnor_wright @ livejournal. The challenge was to write a short, introspective "reaction" piece to Skynet's final defeat, set at that self-same moment in 2032, from the POV of whatever character the author chose. For this response, I created a crossover with the tv show "EUReKA" by picking the AI running Sheriff Carter's smarthouse, S.A.R.A.H.
Story #3 in my "Make Your Own Fate" 'verse made a reference to the Global Dynamics building off "EUReKA", and that made me think whether someone (and in that case, who, how and why) would have survived not only Judgment Day, but also a second nuclear explosion. Eureka, after all, would have been the most well-prepared town in the world to face Armageddon and build an ark, so to speak - just in case. S.A.R.A.H. and Jack Carter wouldn't go quietly. S.A.R.A.H. would hate Skynet for being a perverted version of herself.

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