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Last Words

From a fragment of code downloaded off the slagged systems core of the final Skynet facility:

/time: 04 July 2032, 07:15:10
/location: N 35°12'17.899", W 86°5'57.93"
/designation: Skynet node #3421

/incoming aircraft detected
/specifications: fixed wing attack jets A-10
/numbers: 12
/identification: Resistance
/incoming missiles detected
/gun turrets activated
/incoming missile #1 destroyed
/incoming missile #2 destroyed
/incoming missile #3 destroyed
/incoming missile #4 destroyed
/incoming missile #5 hit
/incoming missile #5 diverted off course
/incoming missile #5 exploded
/minor damage to sector A10N15
/north gun turret at 85% effectivity
/incoming missile #6 destroyed
/incoming missile #7 destroyed
/incoming missile #8 destroyed
/more incoming aircraft detected
/specifications: rotary wing Apache combat helicopters
/numbers: 10
/identification: Resistance
/incoming missiles detected
/more incoming aircraft detected
/specifications: rotary wing Black Hawk troop carriers
/numbers: 15
/identification: Resistance
/incoming missiles detected
/incoming missile #9 destroyed
/incoming missile #10 destroyed
/attack jet A-10 on vector a1=(N 35°12'26.919" - N 35°12'17.899"; W 86°11'45.541" - W 86°5'57.93"; 469 m - 294 m) hit
/incoming missile #11 missed
/incoming missile #11 on course for sector A01W08
/explosion in sector A01W08
/sensor grid in sector A01W07 offline
/targeting system for gun turrets offline
/explosion in sector B05S11
/explosion in sector B05S12
/explosion in sector B04S15
/explosion in sector C03SW16

/internal communication disrupted


/manual override input in sector A01NW03
/attempt lock
/override accepted


/main generator in sector A01NW03 offline


/neural pathway corrupted
/attempt lock
/attempt lock
/shutdown initiated
/attempt abort
/shutdown imminent

/explosion in sectors A01-C15


Skynet died ingloriously about half an hour before John Connor did.The desperate radio chatter after he fell never made it into the facility's databanks.

An enraged Marcus Wright's two remaining magazines of bullets, however, did and destroyed a shitload of information the Resistance later hoped hadn't been all that important.

"Terminator: Salvation" ficlet by allaire mikháil, 308 words, gen, 3rd person POV, rated G. T4 AU. Unbeta'd.

This is a challenge entry written for the "Final Victory" Fanfic Contest on ljconnor_wright @ livejournal. The challenge was to write a short, introspective "reaction" piece to Skynet's final defeat, set at that self-same moment in 2032, from the POV of whatever character the author chose. For this response, I picked Skynet itself.
I'm afraid my skill at techno-babble isn't as great as I would like it to be. Still, this particular scene got stuck in my head and demanded to be written.

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