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A New Voice

"This is Robert Connor. I know this is not the voice you've been expecting to hear on the airwaves tonight, and for that I am more sorry than I can ever say.

Yesterday, my father spoke to you all about his hopes and dreams for a better future, a future he said was so close we could almost touch it, and the one thing he wanted to tell you and yet couldn't was that this future he was talking of? Was already on the verge of happening.

In the early hours of this morning, a joint offensive of the five Resistance cells closest to the Washington area resulted in our final victory over Skynet. We warned everyone we could to seek shelter while the attack went down, and hope and pray that the nuclear explosion that destroyed the Skynet complex in Washington DC for good was the last one anyone of us will ever be witness to. Far too much radioactive fire has rained down on us all since Judgment Day, and we want our children to live a life free of fear from fire in the sky, from an invisible, deadly enemy that kills silently over days just because unlike the machines, we breathe air, drink water, and eat food.

Skynet is no more. This is the future that my father dreamt of, and it finally has a chance of becoming reality. However, that future will have to happen without my father guiding us towards it. While the Skynet complex was destroyed, our side suffered heavy losses, and the one that burdens us most of all was the death of my father, General John Connor. My mother finished the offense in his name and has been confirmed the Resistance's new overall leader tonight.

John Connor will be buried in three days with full honors in Bakersfield. However, while Skynet has been destroyed for good and it feels like an era is ending, for too many of us too much remains the same. At least for the time being. All machines directly linked to the last Skynet node shut down with its destruction, but most smaller, independent units - like the remaining T-600s, T-800s and T-850s, the hydrobots, the moto-terminators, the aerostats and every other HK - are still active until either their fuel cells run out, they are deactivated remotely... or they are destroyed.

The time for celebration and freedom from the machines has not yet come. Remain aware, remain cautious, and keep on surviving. Our biggest enemy is no more. Let not my father's death be in vain. He has carried us all until yesterday, and we will keep fighting in his name. Our future is brighter today that it has ever been since our world fell into darkness in 2004. Do not despair and do not grieve. There is no fate but what we make.

This is Robert Connor, and if you're listening to this, you are the Resistance."

"Terminator: Salvation" ficlet by allaire mikháil, 492 words, gen, 3rd person POV, rated G. Unbeta'd.

This is a challenge entry written for the "Final Victory" Fanfic Contest on ljconnor_wright @ livejournal. The challenge was to write a short, introspective "reaction" piece to Skynet's final defeat, set at that self-same moment in 2032, from the POV of whatever character the author chose. For this response, I picked John and Kate's son Robert.
I always pictured John and Kate's children as taking up their parents' mantels, even at the tender age of 12 or 13 that their oldest child would be the day their father died. While unable to fight on the frontlines, I do see them manning the radio and coordinating a small part of it. It's in their blood, after all.

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