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(1) speeches from the soap box: essays and rants

why I read (and write) slash -- posted 29 May 2000
It took me some time to come up with something more sophisticated than "Because I like it! So there!", but I finally managed to put it into words why I actually like Slash. If you want to... read it and tell me what you think.

clichés in the magnificent seven fandom -- posted 17 Jul 2002
Too many hours in front of my computer, too many stories read in the "Magnificent Seven" fandom. Aka the bitchfest -- go and see what makes me cranky. Collected from both Chris/Ezra slash and gen fiction.

law enforcement and how to handle a gun in reality (as opposed to fiction) -- posted 06 Apr 2006
This compilation was the result of too many harebrained depictions of law enforcement procedures on tv and in fan fiction. This is how to do it better than the tv execs and write a story that doesn't make the experts go "ouch!"

28 things I hate in fanfiction -- posted 15 Mar 2003
Listed on my personal page, these points solely repesent my own opinion. I also don't deny that it might be possible for a good writer to make me like a story with a number of these points in it. Still, experience has convinced me that they tend to be my personal turn-offs.

condition: mint condition: improving condition: serious condition: strange
The whole topic has also inspired me to develop a quiz at Quizilla, titled "The Slash Fiction Rating System". Check it out if you have a story at hand and want to know what Ms. Mary Sue and Dr. Cliché think of it!


(2) downloads

Depending on my (pretty much non-existent) creativity, you'll find here:

+ wallpapers:     + Paul Gross (600x800 and not very good, I'm afraid)

+ winamp skins (for Winamp 2):

+ "Magic in Red" + Magnificent 7: Chris Larabee + Starsky & Hutch
+ Babylon 5: Jeff Sinclair + Miracles + The Professionals
+ Buffy + Oz + The Sentinel: Jim
+ due South: Fraser & RayK + Paul Gross + The Sentinel: Jungle
+ Hornblower + Sports Night + The West Wing: Josh Lyman
+ Hornblower: The Trio + Stargate: Atlantis 1 + The X-Files: Alex Krycek
+ Houston Knights + Stargate: Atlantis 2  
+ J.A.G.: Clayton Webb + Stargate: SG-1  

Click the respective button to see a .jpg file of what the skin looks like, and on the respective skin name to download a .zip file containing the skin in question plus a short readme file with instructions.

Winamp is a program that can play .mp3 files, CDs etc.; it can be downloaded for free at www.winamp.com (there is now also a version 3 available, but as far as I know, the skins above only work with version 2).
As for making a winamp skin, there is the hard way, but you can also (like I did) use one of the niftly little programs that can be found online and let it do the main work for you (you may not have unlimited options as to what the final result looks like, but it might spare you a headache or two and definitely many hours of work). I can only recommend SkinAmp which can be found here (and don't worry, when you open it for the first time, you can choose the language of the interface).
The due South skin is based on one of the beautiful photo manipulations made by the Theban Band. I hope they don't mind.


(3) books you should read

Enter the library... unfortunately, you may only gaze longingly at the dusty, leather-covered tomes on the shelves high above your head... Means I can only give you some recommendations; the books, you'll have to buy on your own... *grin*


(4) music to dream to

This list is going to be long, and bound to change very often... So, step into my apartment and browse the CD-stacks. They contain at the moment:

+ Rock/Pop/Independent
+ Celtic Music
+ Christian Pop/Rock, White Metal
+ Soundtracks


(5) movies to watch

My interests encompass many things, and almost all genres... Hmmm, let's see what I can really recommend... Okay, I've got it. Look over there into my video collection. What do you think - what would you like to watch tonight?