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date: 18 Sep 2010

Sleepy Hollow was a movie I went to see in the cinema, but didn't expect to ever spend another thought on. Until I saw that there was actually slash fan fiction out there, pairing Ichabod Crane and the Hessian. My first reaction was disgust (I just had to recall the filed, pointed teeth of the Horseman and I went "argh"), then I was intrigued. Could it actually be done - pairing those two, with a good story as the result? To my neverending surprise, it is possible - ZzoaozZ and later Laylah proved it. Ichabod Crane might be the proverbial innocent, but his past (and his mother) give him just that tiny little flaw that, if properly explored, offers a target that can connect him to magic - and, in particular, the Horseman. Due to his methods and his childhood, Ichabod already stands at the fringe of society, and what if Katrina didn't prove to be enough of a safety anchor? If he fell, who would catch him?

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Ichabod Crane / The Horseman.

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e-mail: Website: Taking Undue Liberties
livejournal: ljlaylah
Title: To Call it Home offsite Story Length: ~ 44 KB
Series: none Rating: NC-17
Category: Slash Warnings: questionable consent
Pairing: Ichabod Crane / The Horseman, Ichabod Crane & Katrina van Tassel Time Frame: Post-Movie
Genres: Angst, Drama, Supernatural Recommended: 06 Apr 2006
Summary: When Ichabod returns to the Hollow a year later, he realizes that there is someone there he needs to come to terms with, before he can call it home.
Review: Laylah's story, originally written for Yuletide New Year Resolutions 2004, is darker than ZzoaozZ's works and not geared towards a happy ending with Ichabod and the Hessian together. Ichabod Crane dreams of having sex with the Horseman, and although that might be his secret desire, the demon - and his dreams - are abominations he tries to resist. Laylah's writing captures the atmosphere of the movie perfectly and brings the reader to the same precipice Ichabod struggles atop of - the borders to a ghostly world of suppressed darkness and a freedom that doesn't fit in with convention. A must-read.


e-mail: Website: Gateway To The Realm Of ZzoaozZ
livejournal: ljzzoaozz
Title: In the Arms of the Dead Story Length: ~ 82 KB
Series: Prequel to "In the Heart of Darkness" Rating: R
Category: Slash Warnings: violence
Pairing: Ichabod Crane / The Horseman Time Frame: Post-Movie
Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Supernatural Recommended: 23 May 2000
Summary: Ichabod Crane feels strangely compelled to return to Sleepy Hollow... and in facing the figure of his nightmares, learns that he's the true son of his mother.
Title: In the Heart of Darkness offsite Story Length: ~ 74 KB
Series: Sequel to "In the Arms of the Dead" Rating: NC-17
Category: Slash Warnings: graphic violence
Pairing: Ichabod Crane / The Horseman Time Frame: Post-Movie
Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Supernatural Recommended: 06 Apr 2006
Summary: Ichabod and the Horseman must defend the Hollow and their new-found relationship from forces within and without.
Review: ZzoaozZ was the author who first brought me over to the dark side, so to speak. While I miss a depiction of Ichabod's struggles to accept that he has fallen in love with a man (which, at that time, was certainly not acceptable in society), I admire the author's ability to bring across the gothic atmosphere of the movie. Her descriptions are vivid and immediate, her plots are a continuation of the events we were introduced to in the movie - and her writing makes the Hessian so much more than just a monster. Admirable.



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