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Horatio Hornblower ambushed me totally from the left field. I'd heard of the novels, sure, but somehow went through countless libraries without checking out a single one due to their back blurbs. Then there were the movies - and I was hooked after "The Even Chance". The next few movies were just as entertaining, but despite the fact that all male characters seemed to lust after Hornblower, no pairing felt right to me... not even Horatio/Archie. Then there came "Mutiny" and "Retribution", and William Bush entered the scene. Those two movies had it all - the handclasp at the beginning, Paul McGann's voice when giving orders, Bush's deference to Hornblower's suggestions, the easy friendship between them and Kennedy. This is the only fandom I've ever encountered in which I am perfectly willing to accept a threeway relationship although I tend to ship Hornblower/Bush more openly.

The main pairing on this page is
Horatio Hornblower / William Bush.

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e-mail: britts44@yahoo.com Archived at: The Horatio Hornblower Fan Fiction Archive
livejournal: ljidler_1814
Title: Run Aground offsite Story Length: ~ 447 KB
Series: none Rating: PG-13
Category: gen Warnings: none
Pairing: William Bush & OFC Time Frame: Post-"Flying Colors"
Genres: Action/Adventure, Character Study Recommended: 06 Apr 2006
Summary: In 1811, Bush and the Witch of Endor are despatched to Cornwall to aid the Revenue Service in their attempts to curtail the local smuggling activity.
Review: This fanfic is a joy to read because of its style and its faithfulness to world of C. S. Forester - a talented mix of book and movie canon, and an original story focusing on William Bush's adventures in 1811. The books are about Hornblower, this story is about his former First Lieutenant, and in my opinion the best piece of gen fiction available on the internet at the moment. Also well-worth reading, if somewhat more emotional and with a hint of the fantastic, is the author's epilogue to this story set post-"Commodore Hornblower" that closes the circle begun in Cornwall.


Juxian Tang
e-mail: juxiantang@hotmail.com Website: Juxian Tang's Fiction
livejournal: ljjuxiantang livejournal: Juxian @ AO3
Title: Water Under the Bridge offsite Story Length: ~ 155 KB
Series: none Rating: NC-17
Category: Slash Warnings: rape
Pairing: Horatio Hornblower / William Bush, William Bush / OMC Time Frame: Post-"Duty"
Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Friendship, Hurt/Comfort Recommended: 06 Apr 2006
Summary: An acquaintance from the past appears on the Hotspur, and Bush finds himself in a very tight spot.
Review: This story is a real find insofar as it is both long and true to the characters and the time. Bush and Hornblower's relationship develops slowly without being ignorant of the demands of the early 19th century when buggery was still a hanging offence in the British Navy. Unfortunately, it is also obvious that the author is not a native speaker and had no beta reader fluent in English. If you're willing to ignore bad word choices and sentence structure - as I did, and gladly - this story is just perfect for an HH/WB fan.


e-mail: khaleesian@hotmail.com Website: Reflections in the Inward Eye
livejournal: ljkhaleesian
Rum, Sodomy and the Lash
Title: The Maelstrom offsite Story Length: ~ 119 KB
Series: Part 1 of Rum, Sodomy and the Lash Rating: NC-17
Category: Slash Warnings: none
Pairing: Archie Kennedy / William Bush Time Frame: "Lieutenant Hornblower" / Post-"Retribution" (AU)
Genres: AU, Fixit, Friendship Recommended: 06 Apr 2006
Summary: In Lieutenant Hornblower, C. S. Forester speaks of "two wild days and two wild nights in the dubious delights of Kingston". This is the story as to how Lieutenants Hornblower, Bush and Kennedy really spent their prize money.
Title: Any Port in a Storm offsite Story Length: ~ 16 KB
Series: Part 2 of Rum, Sodomy and the Lash Rating: NC-17
Category: Slash Warnings: none
Pairing: Archie Kennedy / William Bush Time Frame: "Lieutenant Hornblower" / Post-"Retribution" (AU)
Genres: AU, PWP Recommended: 06 Apr 2006
Summary: Itís a dark and stormy night and a long sail back to England where the Renown is scheduled to be de-commissioned with the outbreak of peace.
Title: The Gambler offsite Story Length: ~ 167 KB
Series: Part 3 of Rum, Sodomy and the Lash Rating: R
Category: Slash Warnings: none
Pairing: Horatio Hornblower / William Bush Time Frame: "Lieutenant Hornblower" / "Loyalty" (AU)
Genres: AU, Character Study, Book Related, First Time, Friendship Recommended: 06 Apr 2006
Summary: A rewriting of the last two chapters of "Lieutenant Hornblower": Living on half-pay is difficult, sharing lodgings in Plymouth is not.
Review: Khaleesian's trilogy was the first piece of slash fiction in this fandom I was entirely happy with. Whether she invents an adventure the books only alluded to in a half sentence, whether she gives us a wistful feeling of imminent separation or whether she turns subtext into text, she not only gives us back an Archie Kennedy that did not die, no, she also reconciles book and movie canon in a seamless manner. The future she hints at shines far brighter than C. S. Forester's universe. Too bad her storyline ends with "The Gambler".


e-mail: rachie114@yahoo.co.uk Archived at: HornblowerFic.com
livejournal: ljrach74
Title: Adrift offsite Story Length: ~ 59 KB
Series: none Rating: NC-17
Category: Slash Warnings: none
Pairing: Horatio Hornblower / William Bush Time Frame: Post-"Duty"
Genres: Angst, Character Study, Established Relationship Recommended: 06 Apr 2006
Summary: In Portsmouth Hornblower has difficulty coming to terms with Maria's news while Bush has some problems with the crew.
Review: Rach has a very good grasp of the characters and their motivations although the language she employs is a bit too modern for the time. Still, it rings very true when she presents us with a Bush who cannot forget the fact that Hornblower is married, and a Hornblower who is, as expected, not very good with other people's feelings. You might also want to check out her other stories.



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