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date: 02 Mar 2007

The BBC has done it again: they've made a series that sounds as if it deserves wide-spread recognition... and then didn't sell it abroad or release it on DVD. No, I haven't watched the show, although I certainly will if it ever airs here - my enthusiasm for it is solely based on what Sue's "The First Duty" made of it. Colditz is about the incarceration of British and other Allied soldiers in the German castle of the same name in WW2 and is based on actual events. What fascinates me most is the lack of a black-and-white painting of the German officers - instead of making them all out to be sadists without regards for the Geneva convention, the series (and Sue's story) depict them as complex men, each with his own reasons for being where they are and doing what they do. Most of all, I love Ulmann's slowly developing, unacknowledged friendship with some of the British POWs, and his understated, equally unspoken regard for his Kommandant. If you ever find the show anywhere please tell me. Thanks.

The main pairings on this page are
Philip Carrington / Richard Player
Franz Ulmann / The Kommandant.

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Sue (aka The Android, aka Fiona Pickles) & Sal
e-mail: Website: The Android's Dungeon
livejournal: ljtheficklepickle
Title: The First Duty [1], [2], [3] Story Length: ~ 779 KB
Series: none Rating: NC-17
Category: Slash Warnings: adult themes, character death, violence
Pairing: Philip Carrington / Richard Player, Franz Ulmann / The Kommandant Time Frame: parallel to the series
Genres: Action/Adventure, Character Study, Drama Recommended: 06 Feb 2002
Summary: Between May 27th and June 4th, 1940, almost 350,000 Allied officers and men were evacuated from the beaches of Dunkirk. For those who were not able to get away - or who were already prisoners of the Germans - a long and tedious captivity was just beginning.
Review: Sue and Sal concentrate on the interpersonal relationships that, in the show, weren't explored enough, conclude some characters' fates that were simply dropped, but most of all, they give us an understanding of the main protagonists' thoughts and feelings, and make us aware of what drives them in this bleak time. I have rarely been so impressed. Sue assured me that the lack of a black-and-white painting of the German officers came from the show, but no matter how much the events of this story might be based on the series - the credit for style and insight into the characters and their motivations certainly go to her and Sal. I cannot find the words to say how much I love this story.





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