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date: 03 Jan 2011

Batman - at least the old movie- and comicverse - used to be a fandom I'd experienced solely through fan fiction. I usually don't have much use for the superhero genre; all those people with superpowers are just too flashy and improbable to interest me. Batman aka Bruce Wayne, however, has always been different. Most likely because he's just a man with a large arsenal of high-tech gadgetry who fights evil not with superpowers, but with his intellect and the strength of his human body. Before Christopher Nolan revitalized the franchise with "Batman Begins" and "The Dark Knight", I slashed Bruce Wayne and Richard Grayson. The conflicted feelings Bruce's character would experience were he ever to become sexually intimate with his ward interested me... as long as I didn't picture the succession of unsuited actors cast in the role of Batman in the eighties and nineties. Then Nolan came along and changed everything. Christian Bale embodied Batman just like I saw him, and Gotham and its 'dark knight' became very real to me. While the - very believable - slash pairing of Bruce Wayne/Henri Ducard quickly gained a very prolific following after "Batman Begins", their dynamics somehow failed to draw me in. Then I watched "The Dark Knight" and got converted to Bruce Wayne/Jim Gordon. I still don't know why I didn't see it in the first place, but once my eyes were opened to the possibilities, I was addicted. And remain until this day.

The main pairing on this page is
Bruce Wayne / Jim Gordon.

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foxypadawan (aka Foxy)
e-mail: none livejournal: ljfoxypadawan
Title: Midnight in Gotham offsite Story Length: ~ 9 KB
Series: none Rating: PG
Category: Slash Warnings: none
Pairing: Bruce Wayne / Jim Gordon Time Frame: Nolanverse, Post-"The Dark Knight"
Genres: Character Study, Pre-Relationship Recommended: 29 Oct 2008
Summary: A midnight meeting in the future. Two men retire.
Review: foxypadawan's story is not long and involved, but it's definitely insightful and conveys perfectly its protagonists' feelings of accomplishment mixed with regret as they look down at Gotham ten years on. Retirement for both means the need for secrecy (at least between Batman and Gordon) has passed, and so Batman finally reveals more than just his identity. Gordon's reaction is simply priceless. When the reader is finished, a bit of the inherent bittersweetness remains and leaves us with the hope of just such a future for both of them - a future that's not an end, but rather a new beginning.


James Walkswithwind
e-mail: Website: gila's cave
livejournal: ljzortified, ljgilascave, ljzortdrabbles, dwjames Archived at: James @ AO3
Title: Shutting Doors [1], [2], [3], [4] offsite Story Length: ~ 392 KB
Series: Prequel to "Silent Passage" Rating: NC-17
Category: Slash Warnings: none
Pairing: Bruce Wayne / Richard Grayson, Richard Grayson / OMC Time Frame: Comic-/80s-Movieverse, Post-"Batman Forever" to Post-"Batman and Robin"
Genres: Action/Adventure, Angst, Character Study, Drama Recommended: 23 May 2000
Summary: Growing up as Robin to Bruce Wayne's Batman isn't always easy - particularly while seeking, and later maintaining, an intimate relationship with a man as in control as Bruce Wayne.
Title: Silent Passage offsite Story Length: ~ 77 KB
Series: Sequel to "Shutting Doors" Rating: NC-17
Category: Slash Warnings: none
Pairing: Bruce Wayne / Richard Grayson Time Frame: Comic-/80s-Movieverse, Post-"Batman and Robin"
Genres: Angst, Character Study, Established Relationship Recommended: 23 May 2000
Summary: Not only is a new superhero in town, but Dick has to face some difficulties with his life and relationship with Bruce.
Review: James' series is a coming-of-age story told from Dick's POV. Bruce is seen solely through Dick's eyes, and by that means the reader witnesses plenty of Bruce Wayne's good as well as of his not-so-stellar qualities. Reserved, fiercely protective, and yet determined to keep his own counsel and call all the shots, this Bruce is not always an easy man to like or understand. In this series however, Dick, despite his young age, has the admirable talent for separating truth from bullshit and getting Bruce to talk and to see his side of the story. The result is a balance between two strong personalities that works surprisingly well, and heavily influenced my view of Robin in the Batman-universe.


Noelia (aka Maia)
e-mail: none Website: stop. look. listen.
livejournal: ljnoelia_g, lj_thepleiades, ljithinksoyes
Title: Through the Holes in your Veins offsite Story Length: ~ 12 KB
Series: none Rating: NC-17
Category: Slash Warnings: none
Pairing: Bruce Wayne / Jim Gordon Time Frame: Nolanverse, Post-"The Dark Knight"
Genres: Character Study Recommended: 29 Oct 2008
Summary: Jim Gordon knows Batman only by touch.
Review: Noelia is a very active writer in this fandom, and all her stories are very well-written. This one-shot, however, remains my favorite, although I'm still unsure whether or not I grasp all the implications of its final sentence. In it, Noelia brings Gordon and Batman together - without having the latter reveal his identity - because Gordon is determined to keep the secret, even from himself... and succeeds due to several acts of sheer will, not because of deliberate blindness. Perfectly in-character, hot and strangely tender; the tenderness revealed through Gordon's other senses, mainly through touch. Beautiful.


Planetgal471 (aka Jess)
e-mail: none livejournal: ljplanetgal471, ljvintageflame, ljasinglecolumn, ljshikon_icons
Title: Dropping Masks (author page @ offsite Story Length: ~ 25 KB
Series: none Rating: PG-13
Category: Slash Warnings: none
Pairing: Bruce Wayne / Jim Gordon Time Frame: Nolanverse, Post-"The Dark Knight"
Genres: Character Study, Friendship, Pre-Relationship Recommended: 29 Oct 2008
Summary: Faced with a choice, Batman decides on meeting under new circumstances rather than keeping a larger distance.
Review: In this story, Planetgal471 has choreographed a perfectly balanced dance for her protagonists; they come together and retreat in several scenes that emphasize the distance created by the Batman persona, and which are yet shot through with glittering threads - hints - of the character of Bruce Wayne behind the bat's mask. Bruce cannot - won't - keep his secret from Gordon anymore, and the same semi-dazed contentment felt by Gordon overcomes the reader during the reveal, the party at Wayne's fundraiser for the GPD, during which Gordon realizes the truth.



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