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25 Apr 2011 I've been drawn in, yet again, by an old favorite, and scouring the 'net for Boromir-centric fiction, I've added three more recs to my Lord of the Rings page in the form of 'Cold Pressing', 'Rapid Peril', and 'A Fairy Tale of Gondor' (gen resp. A/B slash).
09 Jan 2011 I've been straying into het lately, I'm afraid, and therefore the two new stories I've written both feature Brenda Leigh Johnson and Andy Flynn from The Closer. They're titled 'Blast from the Past' and 'Two Steps Forward, One Step Back'. However, my new NCIS recs are slash (Gibbs/DiNozzo) as usual, and so is the new Whitechapel rec, Sarren's '2 AM' (Chandler/Miles).
03 Oct 2010 These days, I read Inception, Firefly, and Jeeves and Wooster fanfic, but strangely enough I felt inspired to write another story in the Make Your Own Fate 'Verse (Terminator: Salvation) called #4 - 'Full Take Down'. Yay, go me. Aside from that, I had to do some significant reshuffling of my rec pages to fit in one for Jeeves and Wooster as well as one for Inception (go there for the new recs). By necessity, both the Profiler and the Mortal Kombat recs had to be moved back to the miscellaneous rec page. That very same page has also gained two new Dresden Files (Dresden/Marcone) recs (see here and here).
06 Aug 2010 I'm sort of between fandoms right now, but fanfic for the movie Inception has taken off like whoa. Unsurprisingly, one of my new recs is for greenpixiehair's 'Breaking Point' (Eames/Arthur), plus I've finally added a rec for twistedchick's Sports Night/due South crossover 'Ice' (Dan Rydell/Mark Smithbauer). Go read.
30 Apr 2010 After a few technical difficulties, the site is back up and allows updates again. The update waiting in the wings is now online and reflects my reawakened fascination with the Harry Potter character Sirius Black. Eight new Sirius-centric recs (four gen, four slash (all HP/SB)), and one het rec can be found on the Harry Potter rec page. Enjoy.
12 Feb 2010 I'm afraid the update is again rather pathetic, consisting as it does of only two story recs: FabulaRasa's 'Kings of the Air', a Top Gun Maverick/Iceman story, and Cody Nelson's 'U Turn' (Angel/Lindsey).
09 Oct 2009 Over the last couple of weeks, I've kind of fallen in and out of love again with Supernatural, which led to the addition of a separate Supernatural rec page. That, in turn, necessitated moving my lone Colditz rec back to the misc page to which I've also added two more Die Hard 4 recs: Annie D's 'Orbits, Drift' and 'Absolute Horizon' and one Southland rec: hackthis' 'Son is on a Midnight Run Like DeNiro...'. Also uploaded have been two Terminator: Salvation ficlets and drabbles respectively that can be found here. Enjoy.
07 Jul 2009 Terminator: Salvation has inspired me to write about the tension sparking off between John Connor and Marcus Wright while simultaneously fixing the unsatisfying ending of the movie. The results, so far, are three parts of what I've dubbed the Make Your Own Fate-'Verse, namely #1 - 'Time is ticking down', #2 - 'Atonement', and #3 - 'Missing In Action, Presumed Dead'. Enjoy, and visit the newly-created community ljconnor_wright @ livejournal!
14 Mar 2009 This update isn't much bigger - Sherlock Holmes on ff.net is surprisingly enjoyable, and so I decided to recommend a wonderful Watson-centric gen story, aragonite's 'An Ordinary Meeting', plus rageprufrock's latest story in the NCIS fandom, 'In-Law'.
13 Mar 2009 Nothing more than a microscopic addition to the Sherlock Holmes rec page in form of rabidsamfan's 'Haunted' and its sequel, 'Revenant'.
13 Feb 2009 I don't usually read Supernatural fic, and if I do so, it's Wincest, but today I found (and liked) miss_aprosexia's 'Go Down Swinging', a Victor-Hendriksen-centric gen AU story set post-episode 3x12 "Jus in Bello".
06 Nov 2008 I still haven't closed the chapter on NCIS, and scarlettandblue's 'Semper Fidelis', a story focusing on Gibbs post his return from Mexico, even managed - despite recent canon - to reconcile me a more than a bit with Gibbs' character. Go read. You won't regret it.
29 Oct 2008 "The Dark Knight" made me fall in love with the pairing of Batman/Gordon, and as a result, the Batman rec page was overhauled (added stories: foxypadawan's 'Midnight in Gotham', Noelia's 'Through the Holes in your Veins', and Planetgal471's 'Dropping Masks'). I also fell totally in love with an original slash novel, Marquesate & Vashtan's 'Special Forces Book One: Soldiers' which is an absolute must-read.
20 Jul 2008 Since Kyle XY stories slashing Tom Foss and Kyle are non-existent, I was forced to return to The X-Files for my Nick Lea fix; something that resulted in three more recs added to the X-Files rec page, KinkyGrrl's 'Falling Into His Eyes', Satina's 'Christmas Carol Redux', and Shannon Kizzia's 'Degrees' and its sequels.
06 Jul 2008 Story rec updates are negligible; I've only one recommendation, poisontaster's 'Save As' (Die Hard 4). However, I've also uploaded two ficlets in the Kyle XY and NCIS fandom respectively, 'Control' (Foss/OMC, Foss/Kyle UST, PG-13, S2) and 'Sign of Weakness' (Gibbs/DiNozzo, PG-13, S5). Enjoy.
20 Jun 2008 The updates still haven't grown in size. I've added two recommendations, UKJess' 'Strong Together' (Star Trek: TOS), and UnexpectedInspiration's 'The Wise One: Book One' (Harry Potter) to the resp. rec pages. And that's it for now.
16 Feb 2008 Yet another small, unforeseen update, since I delved headlong into another fandom - NCIS. Which as of now has its own rec page. I also added shalott's SPN story 'Leader of the Pack' to the Supernatural rec page.
11 Nov 2007 Another miniscule update, this time consisting solely of miscellaneous fanfic recs. Go read belmanoir's 'Too Good To Be True ' (The Dresden Files), dvoid_03's 'Kinda Like That Movie With Sandra Bullock' (Eureka), hereswith's 'Never Go Back' (Firefly), E. E. Beck's 'Five Times Matt Almost Did Something Stupid, But Danny Saved Him' (Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip), and AndreaB's 'A Change in the Weather' (BtVS/SG-1 X-over).
17 Oct 2007 It's far less than I'd intended, but at least I've updated three of the rec pages with one new recommendation each (Katie Forsythe's 'The Three Favours' (Sherlock Holmes), Lezlie Conch's 'Fly on the Wall' (The Professionals), and Elise Madrid's 'Waiting For Night To End' (Star Trek: The Original Series)).
26 Jun 2007 My newest fannish love, The Dresden Files, has led to the writing of my longest story to date, 'Dea Ex Machina, Dea Sub Iudicio' (Harry/Bob, NC-17, Post-S1). It clocks at 273 (!) KB, and the story notes can be found here.
14 Mar 2007 The next rec page now re-uploaded is the Due South one. Idler's Horatio Hornblower story 'Run Aground', so far only linked to, has been archived.
22 Feb 2007 A lot of work and a lot of self-pity went into it, but I've finally managed to finish the miscellaneous recommendations page. In the last few days, some of the WIPs on the Harry Potter rec page have been updated, plus I've added a link to my lj to each of my own stories to enable readers who're also on lj to comment if they feel so inclined. Have fun.
09 Dec 2006 The The Sentinel recommendations are finally online! I've also added a new story rec to the House, M.D. page and one or two info links to about half of the other rec pages. Enjoy.
23 Nov 2006 Better half than nothing, I guess - I finished the Man from U.N.C.L.E. recommendations. Seven more fandoms to go.
20 Sep 2006 Somehow I managed to get distracted by Starsky & Hutch which is the reason I added to this fandom's recommendations instead of finishing the reworking of the The Sentinel rec page - sorry.
15 Aug 2006 Again, not much, but at least now the Harry Potter recommendations are online.
11 Jul 2006 Well, at least I managed to tear myself away sufficiently from Buffy/Spike to not only add another mini-update to my Angel & Buffy favorites, but also to finally upload the Stargate: SG-1 rec page.
11 Jun 2006 Since I'm still in the thrall of Buffy/Spike, it shouldn't come as a surprise that there's been a mini-update of the Angel & Buffy recommendations, plus an equally small one to House, M.D..
16 May 2006 I got so caught up in Angel & Buffy that I didn't manage to add any further recommendations apart from that single fandom, but I promise the next update will come soon!
28 Apr 2006 I finally posted 'Newton's Third Law', a Stargate: Atlantis ficlet dealing with the aftermath of episode 2x13, "Critical Mass".
06 Apr 2006 The long-promised (and long-worked on) update is finally here. I promised myself I would upload storyteller's campsite v2.0 on my birthday, and so I did - despite the fact that a handful of rec pages are still under construction. I've added, expanded and corrected tons of links and recommendations and hope you like this version as much as I do. We now have poems, unfinished stories, an essay on law enforcement procedures, etc. If you find typos and/or broken links, please don't hesitate to e-mail me. If you find enough, I might even write you a drabble. *g*
15 Nov 2005 I'm still far too deep into Stargate: Atlantis and continue to struggle with the fallout from episode 2x06, "Trinity". Said episode and its ripples through the fandom sparked off 'Insomnia' which, as usual, can be found on my fanfic page.
22 Aug 2005 My site had to move again (for details please see ljallaire) and is now back at http://allaire.skeeter63.org/. Please update your bookmarks if necessary. Thanks.
18 May 2005 Stargate: Atlantis is awfully persistent and still my favorite fandom. Too much fan fiction has resulted in yet another ficlet, titled '5 - 1 = ?'. It can be found on my fanfic page. Enjoy!
07 Feb 2005 I didn't think it would happen, but my fascination with the character of Rodney McKay finally was enough of an incentive to write a short story by the title of 'Acceptable Losses' in the Stargate: Atlantis fandom. Also added has been 'Alles wird gut', a German Napola story developed by ljten_chan and fleshed out a bit by ljxkatjafx and myself. Both stories can be found on my fanfic page.
18 Jan 2005 ljxkatjafx can be very convincing when she wants to be. Due to her successful nagging *g*, I wrote two "Napola" stories, 'Winter Dreams' and 'Winter's Touch', which can be found on my fanfic page.
15 Nov 2004 I'm still working on the update to storyteller's campsite v2.0, and alternately cursing and enjoying the intricacies of .css and javascript. For anyone interested, here are a couple more skins for Winamp 2.
05 Mar 2004 Too many "non-con as the way to romance" Harry Potter stories resulted in 'Payback' (Harry/Snape), the most disturbing story I've ever written. It can be found on my fanfic page.
09 Jan 2004 "The Return of the King" made me hunt for my LotR-books again, and inspiration struck: Read 'Das Blut Isildurs' (Aragorn/Boromir), one of the rare stories I wrote in German which is now available on my fanfic page.
05 Dec 2003 The "Hornblower" movies have yet called for another creative outlet of my frustrations; ergo: 'Unadorned Truth' (HH/WB), story #2 in what is now called the 'Down with this Ship' series which can be found here.
14 Nov 2003 I've added two more WinAmp skins (exclusively "Hornblower", my latest obsession), and two short ficlets which can be found on my fanfic page: 'Promise' (HP, gen) and 'Cold to the Bone' (Hornblower, slash).
30 Sep 2003 After me having played around a little in regard to WinAmp, you can now find a few WinAmp skins (v2) on the miscellaneous page. Enjoy!
30 Jun 2003 Due to "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix", I'm in a... well, peculiar mood. The outcome: a new ficlet called 'Black Night of the Soul' (SS/SB) which can be found on my fanfic page. It's not a happy story.
11 May 2003 As promised, 'The Darkness behind the Veil', story #3 in the 'Discovering Things out of Darkness' series ("Miracles") is now up here.
09 May 2003 Just a short ficlet, called 'My Armor, my Prison' (HP) which can be found on my fanfic page. The next update to my 'Discovering Things out of Darkness' series ("Miracles") is already in beta and will be up shortly.
31 Mar 2003 I'm totally in love with a new series on ABC, "Miracles". Unfortunately, it looks like the series might be canceled soon, and there's virtually no fanfic to it out there - yet. Alva Keel and Paul Callan are both extremely interesting characters, and the chemistry between them clearly screams UST. I couldn't help myself and had to start a slash series with 'Miracles in the Flesh' and 'Know thy own Heart'. I can't wait for the next episode!
18 Sep 2002 fanfiction.net no longer allows NC-17 rated stories, no matter whether they're slash or not.
13 Aug 2002 As of today, my e-mail addy has CHANGED. Please update your address books. Allaire@t-online.de is defunct as of now; the new addy is allaire@gmx.at.
12 Aug 2002 Four more of my ficlets are now online on my fanfic page, 'The Face in the Mirror' (J.A.G.), 'Truth at last' (BG), 'Duty is a harsh Mistress' (U.F.O.) & 'History in a Bottle' (Mag7).
Furthermore, Cita Powers has now finished her Sports Night AU novel, The Hart and the Lion! Read its culmination in its Chapters 80 - 89. Also don't forget to check out Gail's new story in the 'Solstice' series, 'Company Business' (J.A.G.).
17 Jul 2002 I've revised my personal page a bit and added my opinion of clichés in the Mag7 fandom in form of a - rant? essay? You decide.
15 Jul 2002 The Hart and the Lion by Cita Powers is up to Chapter 84.
29 Jun 2002 Cita says that her storyline is slowly coming to an end... but for us, that end is thankfully still far, far away! Go read Chapters 77 - 79 & Chapter 80 of The Hart and the Lion.
27 Jun 2002 Again, another addition to my own fanfic page, 'Bitter', which is - of course - Mag7.
17 Jun 2002 This time it's not a ficlet but true drabble, 'Revelation' (Mag7).
11 Jun 2002 A hint of magic, a touch of darkness - Cita has continued her The Hart and the Lion series to Chapter 76. Apart from that, I've finally decided to put all my ficlets/short stories up on my fanfic page. Ten so far, and counting (go read 'A Hard Day's Night', 'Ticket to Ride', 'Glimpses from a Data Crystal, frozen in Time: #1 - Orders', 'Glimpses from a Data Crystal, frozen in Time: #2 - Dancing (all B5), 'Verwechslung', 'Sunlight, Sun bright', 'Crossroads' (Mag7), 'Freier Fall' (Twin Peaks), 'Lórien' (LotR) & 'Geständnisse' (SK Kölsch)).
03 Jun 2002 Cita has written another four chapters in her The Hart and the Lion series - the story's now up to Chapter 72.
17 May 2002 The Hart and the Lion series by Cita is now up to Chapter 68, and still thrilling as ever! Also check out the link to the Brimstone Virtual Second Season at the Brimstone page - yes, it's gen, but more than worth a read. Many thanks to Anita for telling me about this project. Last but not least, you might be interested in reading Speranza's 'Eight Sessions' (due South).
22 Apr 2002 Cita has posted another four new chapters (Chapters 60 - 64) - check out her The Hart and the Lion page for the continuation of the series.
08 Apr 2002 The site now has a bunch of new banners. Plus check out the next installment in Lynn's Buffy & Spike 'Chains' series, an update to 'Secrets and Lies - Part 5'. And, last but not least, storyteller's campsite v1.1 is proud to announce that we're now hosting Cita Powers' 'The Hart and the Lion', her hopefully soon-to-be finished Sports Night AU novel.
10 Mar 2002 Inspired by an article about Robert Hare's "Psychopathy Assessment Scale", I wrote an 'Oz' story titled 'See, Hear and Speak no Evil'. You can find it on my fanfic page.
08 Mar 2002 Anne has finally gifted us with the long-awaited ending to her 'Twist of Fate'. Also up: Riley Cannon's 'The Jackpot Question' (both Oz). And Flamingo's incredible S&H novel, 'Total Eclipse of the Heart', is now available as an edited e-zine.
16 Feb 2002 Magic in redThe recommendations page has finally undergone that re-vamp I've been thinking about for months now. Check out all the additional links. I have now also been 'converted' to the addiction that is livejournal; you can find mine at ljallaire.
Also, two new fandoms were added: Oz and Colditz with some stories that captured me utterly. Last but not least, the X-Files and the Sherlock Holmes page have both gotten some additions: Louise Wu's 'Echo Lane' & 'Chemistry Book' (XF), Satina & Orangy's beautifully twisted 'Cauterized' (XF), Susannah Shepherd's 'Hidden Depths' (SH) and Telanu's 'Leaving' & 'Left' (SH). Plus Gail has written another sequel in the 'Solistice Series', 'Whatever Ocean' (J.A.G.).
31 Oct 2001 More Sherlock Holmes recommendations in form of Pythoness' 'The Secret Diary of Dr. Watson'.
06 Sep 2001 A handful of new recs in form of Polly Hammer's Brimstone stories and Nicole S. & Orithain's 'Hardened Criminal' Series (X-Files).
13 Aug 2001 The 'Serge Awards 2001'-winners have been announced tonight, and I'm happy, proud and grateful to be able to say that my story 'Feeding Ray' has won first place in the 'PWP'-category! A huge thank you goes to Sylvie, Tara and all the [serge]-listsibs.
07 Aug 2001 I've added a few banners to chose from if you want to link to my site.
14 Jun 2001 A good friend sent me postcards with desert motives and is therefore indirectly to blame for the graphic on my entry page. As for the story rec updates: Check out Alyse's 'Pleasure/Pain Principle' as well as her and Chya's joint novel, 'Blackjack' (both New Professionals). Two new Sherlock Holmes stories by Kristophine, 'A Marrying Man' and 'What remains' have also been added, plus a new fandom in form of The X-Files. I swore I'd never get into it, but I was wrong - I blame it all on Courtney Gray's incredible 'How to throw a Curve Ball' [1], [2], [3], [4] & [5]. And lastly, I decided to remove the Seven Days recommendations page since the only author present there had asked me to delete the link to her homepage.
01 May 2001 storyteller's campsite v1.1 has several new story recommendations - go read PetLunatic's 'Black Ink, white Paper' (Sherlock Holmes), Cita Powers' 'Masking Tape' (Sports Night), Avalon's 'Love is blind' (Buffy), Aristide & Bone's "The Course" (Due South) and Speranza's "Anatomically correct" (Due South). I've also uploaded the result of my new obsession with 'Houston Knights' (and Levon Lundy's tight jeans), a new story called 'Not a Place' which can be found on my own fanfic page.
01 Feb 2001 Gail has written another story, 'Tongues of Flame', in her 'Solstice' series (J.A.G.).
22 Jan 2001 New fandom, new love: After having watched all due South episodes, I tried my hand at a PWP that definitely deserves being rated NC-17: 'Feeding Ray' can be found on my fanfic page.
17 Dec 2000 The due South page has a new author, Kellie Matthews, plus a new fandom has been added: The New Professionals with fiction by Alyse and Chya. Furthermore, the next chapter of Lynn's 'Secrets and Lies' is up on the Angel & Buffy page.
19 Nov 2000 A new major update to storyteller's campsite v1.1 - each fandom's recommendation page has now links to archives and other interesting sites on the web. I've also added a picture gallery focused on Jeff Sinclair. As for the recommendations, now up are two new stories by Elessar on the Professionals page ('Music of the Heart' and 'Neon Nights'). And, last but not least, I've put up two new stories of my own: 'Silent Hopes and Dreams' (due South) and 'A Confession in a Graveyard' (Miami Vice), a prologue to my new WIP 'A Crack in the Wall' that can stand on its own.
04 Oct 2000 I just uploaded an older story of mine, 'Der Weg in der Dunkelheit' (Star Trek: TOS, slash, German). Perhaps I'll even get around to translating it to English one day.
06 Sep 2000 Just a small update to the recommendations page - added the three more parts of the 'Solstice' series by Gail to the J.A.G. page.
17 Aug 2000 My page at dencity is history now since dencity decided to close its 'adult' sites. Thanks to Kandace, I have a new home at skeeter63.org, and even added a new fandom to the recommendations page - Due South with stories from Caroline Alert and Crysothemis. Furthermore, mareen has written more in her 'Equinox'-series; see the J.A.G. page for 'Duet' and 'Moment in between'. There is also an addition to the Crusade page in form of 'Only the Proud' by the Lab Rat.
19 Jul 2000 Instead of packing for my vacation to Greece, I wrote a new Sentinel slash story, 'Ripples in the Dirac Sea'. It has also been posted to SXF and can be found (along with my other fiction) on my fanfic page.
19 Jun 2000 storyteller's campsite v1.1 has two new fandoms, J.A.G. (the 'Equinox' series by mareen) and Starsky & Hutch ('Total Eclipse of the Heart', a novel by Flamingo). Further additions are a B 5 story by Nat Carter ('Empty Chairs') and a Miami Vice novel by Flamingo ('Wicked Games'), all of which are slash and can be found via the recommendations page.
29 May 2000 Added a short essay, "Why I read (and write) Slash" in preparation of showing this page to my family.
25 May 2000 The Profiler recommendations page is no longer barren - I put up one new story, 'Every waking Moment' by Kietsie Louw. Nice SBR dreams, everyone.
23 May 2000 storyteller's campsite v1.1's recommendations are finally up and running. I want to thank all the authors who graciously allowed me upload their stories to my site or link to their pages.