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due South

When I accidentially 'stumbled' over Volume II CD while browsing the soundtrack section under 'C' (must have been sorted away under the wrong letter), I took it as a sign and -- bought the soundtrack despite not having seen a single episode of the series back then. And, let me tell you, it was worth it. Amazingly, Paul Gross can not only act, but also sing (see the independent musics page for details), and the songs sung by him ("(32 down on the) Robert MacKenzie" & 'Ride Forever') are undoubtedly among the best on these albums, with "Nobody's Girl" and the theme songs not far behind. Simply think of Fraser and Ray Kowalski, red serge, endless plains, snow and ice...

due South
Due South Volume I

Due South Volume I
1. due South Theme - Jay Semko 6. Akua Tuta - Kashtin 11. due South Theme (instrumental) - Jay Semko 16. Fraser/Inuit Soliloquy - Paul Gross
2. Bone of Contention - Spirit of the West 7. American Woman - The Guess Who 12. Neon Blue - Holly Cole Trio 17. Dief's in Love (Original Score)
3. Cabin Music (Original Score) 8. Henry Martin - Figgy Duff 13. Victoria's Secret (Original Score)  
4. Possession (Piano Version) - Sarah McLachlan 9. Ride Forever - Paul Gross 14. Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft - Klaatu
5. Horses (Original Score) 10. Flying - Blue Rodeo 15. Eia, Mater (from Stabat Mater) - Toronto Mendelssohn Choir, Elmer Iseler, Roy Thomson Hall Orchestra, Toronto Symphony, Andrew Davis
by Unforscene Music Inc., 1996

due South Volume II
Due South Volume II

Due South Volume II
1. Oh, what a Feeling - Junkhouse 6. Song for a Winter's Night - Sarah McLachlan 11. Cubically contained - Headstones 16. Due South - Theme '97 - Jay Semko
2. Drunken Sailor - Captain Tractor 7. Slave to your Love - Dutch Robinson 12. Nobody's Girl - Michelle Wright  
3. Robert MacKenzie - Paul Gross 8. From a Million Miles - Single Gun Theory 13. Sophia's Pipes - Ashley MacIsaac
4. Mind - Vibrolux 9. Take me out to the Ballgame - Trevor Hurst 14. Western End of the Trail (Original Score)
5. Mountie on the Bountie (Original Score) 10. November - Mythos 15. Holy Tears - Tara MacLean
by Unforscene Music Inc., 1998


Buffy, the Vampire Slayer

The music on this soundtrack is essentially the sound of the "Bronze", the disco in Sunnydale the Slayer and her friends always go to. Modern pieces, young voices. If you've seen the series, you know the music. And you'll like it. Especially "I Quit" from Hepburn and "The Devil you know (God is a Man)" from Face to Face. And, of course, not to forget the main title theme to the series, performed by Nerf Herder.

The Album
Buffy the Vampire Slayer - The Album

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - The Album
1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Theme - Nerf Herder 6. Over my Head - Furslide 11. The Devil You know (God is a Man) - Face to Face 16. Charge - Splendid
2. Teenage FBI - Guided by Voices 7. Lucky - Bif Naked 12. Nothing but You - Kim Ferron 17. Transylvanian Concubine - Rasputina
3. Temptation waits - Garbage 8. Keep myself awake - Black Lab 13. It doesn't matter - Alison Krauss & Union Station 18. Close Your Eyes (Buffy/Angel Love Theme) - Christophe Beck
4. Strong - Velvet Chain 9. Virgin State of Mind - K's Choice 14. Wild Horses - The Sundays  
5. I Quit - Hepburn 10. Already met You - Superfine 15. Pain (Slayer Mix) - Four Star Mary
by TVT Soundtrax/Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation 1999


Miami Vice

There are a lot of soundtracks out there to the 80's TV-Series 'Miami Vice', three of them from MCA Records ('Miami Vice', 'Miami Vice II' and 'Miami Vice III'). Those are the best, and especially 'Miami Vice II' is my favorite. The Jan-Hammer-themes are a definite must-have, and the rest of the songs are a good cross-section through the time when the show was at its best! "Lives in the Balance" is my all-time favorite -- you can practically see the Daytona Spyder racing along the coastal highway...

Miami Vice II
Miami Vice II
1. Mercy - Steve Jones 4. The last unbroken Heart - Patti LaBelle & Bill Champlin 7. Lover - Roxy Music 10. Miami Vice: New York Theme (Instrumental) - (Jan Hammer)
2. Send it to me - Gladys Knight and the Pips 5. Crockett's Theme (Instrumental) - (Jan Hammer) 8. Lives in the Balance - Jackson Browne 11. The Original Miami Vice Theme (Instrumental) - (Jan Hammer)
3. Take me home - Phil Collins 6. When the Rain comes down - Andy Taylor 9. In Dulce Decorum - The Damned  
by MCA Records, Inc. 1986



The music to the movie "Ladyhawke" was composed, orchestrated and conducted by Andrew Powell, produced and engineered by Alan Parson, and finally recorded by the Philharmonia Orchestra in London.
Partly rock-based ("Main title"), partly orchestral ("Phillip describes Isabeau"), with pieces of Gregorian chant ("Bishop's Procession") and medieval dance music ("Wedding Music"), the soundtrack provides the perfect background for this spectacular fantasy tale. Andrew Powell varied between modern synthesizers and medieval lute ("She was sad at first") to achieve the stunning sound.

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Ladyhawke - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Ladyhawke - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
1. Main Title 9. Wedding Music 17. Wolf trapped in Ice
2. Phillippe's Escape 10. Navarre's Ambush 18. Navarre and Isabeau's dual Transformation
3. The Search for Phillippe 11. Imperius removes Arrow 19. Navarre and Marquet Duel
4. Tavern Fight (Phillippe) 12. Chase/Fall/Transformation 20. Marquet's Death
5. Tavern Fight (Navarre) 13. Cezar's Woods 21. Bishop's Death
6. Pitou's Woods 14. She was sad at first 22. Final Reunion/End Title
7. Phillippe describes Isabeau 15. Navarre returns to Aquila 23. Ladyhawke Theme (Single Version)
8. Bishop's Procession 16. Turret Chase/The Fall (Film Version)  
by Atlantic Recording Corporation/WB Music Corp. 1985, 1995


Ally McBeal

The soundtrack to the TV-comedy-series "Ally McBeal", produced by Vonda Shepard, is the heart of the series. Vonda Shepard's music speaks for Ally's heart on all occassions; whether she mourns the end of her relationship with her colleague Billy or whether she's happy to have found someone to love - even if only for a little while. Vonda Shepard's music is unmistakable; she manages to make each song her own just by using the wide range of her amazing voice.
Every time I hear "Searchin' my Soul", the title credits of "Ally" play behind my closed eyes...

Songs from Ally McBeal
Songs from Ally McBeal
1. Searchin' my Soul 5. You belong to Me 9. Tell Him 13. I only want to be with You
2. Ask the Lonely 6. The wildest Times of the World 10. Neighborhood 14. Maryland
3. Walk away Renée 7. Someone You use 11. Will You marry Me?  
4. Hooked on a Feeling 8. The End of the World 12. It's in His Kiss (The Shoop Shoop Song)
by Sony Music Entertainment Inc./Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation 1997, 1998

Heart and Soul - New Songs from Ally McBeal
Heart and Soul - New Songs from Ally McBeal
1. Read Your Mind 6. Crying 11. Baby, don't You break my Heart slow (Duet with Emily Saliers of the Indigo Girls)
2. 100 Tears away 7. Vincent (Starry starry Night) 12. This is crazy now
3. Someday We'll be together 8. What becomes of the Brokenhearted 13. This old Heart of mine (Is weak for You)
4. To Sir, with Love (Duet with Al Green) 9. World without Love 14. I know Him by Heart
5. Sweet Inspiration 10. Confetti  
by Sony Music Entertainment Inc./Three Roads Inc./Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation 1999


Forever Knight

The soundtrack to the TV-series "Forever Knight" is an interesting mixture of suites (from different episodes), the music of the "Raven" (the bar owned by Nick Knight's friend Janette) and quotes by Nigel Bennett, that is, Lucien deLacroix.
Above all, I love the songs sung by Lori Yates - how did they describe it in the booklet? "Her voice graces the laser etchings"? That's certainly true. "The Hunger" and "Touch the Night" are an apt description of Nick's life caught between the night and his dream of redemption.

Original Television Soundtrack
Forever Knight - Original Television Soundtrack

Forever Knight - Original Television Soundtrack
1. Forever Knight Theme 9. Suite from 'Amateur Night' 17. Curiouser and Curiouser
2. The Hunger (Vocals: Lori Yates) 10. "If You love Something..." 18. Suite from 'Undue Process'
3. "What a wonderful Thing Humanity is..." 11. Suite from 'Be my Valentine' 19. Suite from 'A more permanent Hell'
4. Dark Knight/Cherry Blossoms 12. Father Figure 20. Baby, Baby
5. Suite from 'Queen of Harps' 13. Suite from 'Dark Knight' 21. "Only one Thing is truly permanent..."
6. Suite from 'The Hunted' 14. "You would do well to avoid Me..." 22. Dark Side of the Glass (Vocals: Lori Yates)
7. Nick's Piano Theme/Suite from 'Forward into the Past' 15. Touch the Night (Vocals: Lori Yates)  
8. Black Rose (Vocals: Lori Yates) 16. Avenging Angel
by Meissner Music Productions/TriStar Television Inc. 1996


John Carpenter's Vampires

The music on the "John Carpenter's Vampires" soundtrack is a mixture of typical western music and hard rock. For most of the songs, John Carpenter used the specially formed formation 'Texas Toad Lickers' and played the keyboard, piano, guitar and bass himself.
The sound is fitting for a road movie, mostly instrumental, but highlighting the horror elements (for example "Valek attacks"). Many of the other songs have the same ground theme, accompanying Jack Crow's team through the Mexican desert. Especially "Slavers" and later "Padre's Wood" are just the perfect pieces for kicking some vampire butt!

John Carpenter's Vampires
1. Teaser 6. Night Attack 11. Valek attacks 16. Padre's Wood
2. Slavers 7. Santiago 12. Vampire Vision  
3. New Mexico 8. Stake and burn 13. Farewell Slaver
4. Headless Priest 9. Valek's Portrait 14. Cruel Highway
5. Motel Sex 10. Sunrise Death 15. Katrina bites
by Largo Entertainment, Inc./Storm King Productions/Éditions Milan Music 1998


Xena, Warrior Princess

TThis soundtrack contains virtually all the lyrics of the musical-like "Xena"-episode "The Bitter Suite". From Xena's anguished cry of loss (over the death of her son Soran) to the end titles when Xena and Gabrielle find themselves half-drowned on the shore.
Rob Tapert has proven that it is possible to do a whole episode in form of a musical, with the same amount of drama and action as the 'normal' episodes. Joseph LoDuca did a wonderful job in writing the lyrics; and you can only admire "Xena"-actress Lucy Lawless and "Ares" Kevin Smith for singing their parts themselves! And you're not even spared Ted Raimi's "Joxer the Mighty"...
Xena's and Gabrielle's pain is palpable through the whole score, and the 'Warriors' and 'Villagers' choirs are simply wonderful when they try to drown out the other group with either "You and me love war, doesn't matter what it's for." or "You and me love peace with the ducks and goats and geese."

The Bitter Suite - A Musical Odyssey
The Bitter Suite - A Musical Odyssey
1.1. The Sweat Hut 3.1. What's still unwritten... (Song of Illusia) 4.2. Gab is stabbed 8.1. Hate is the Star (Song of the Torment)
1.2. Slapped out of It 3.2. Little Ditties 5.1. Melt into Me 8.2. Hearts are hurting (Part 2)
1.3. Xena's in Town 3.3. Into the Chandra 5.2. Let go 9.1. The Way out
2.1. Horrible Drag 3.4. Joxer the Mighty 6.1. Dead? 9.2. The Love of Your Love
2.2. On the Edge 3.5. Prepping Gabby 6.2. Hearts are hurting (Part 1) 9.3. Passing through
2.3. Song of the Fool 4.1. War and Peace 7. The Deliverer  
by New-U distibution LLC/Universal Television Enterprises, Inc. 1998


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