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recommendations by allaire mikháil


The music of Phillip and Natalie LaRue is a mixture of pop, rock and ballad, of course with Christian texts. Brother and sister, their voices blend harmonously together and create a sound I could easily imagine in the top ten.
From the first CD, I especially love "Reason" and "Someday" - the CD was my Christmas present from my brother. The second one was his gift to my birthday in 2001... here, I love most of all "Theory of Flight", "Fly" and "Fallen for you".

1. Reason 6. Waiting Room 11. Run to You (the Piano Song)
2. Picture Frame 7. Always be  
3. Someday 8. One Day of the Week
4. Fallen King 9. Katie
5. As She cries 10. Stars
by Reunion Records, Inc. 1999

LaRue - Transparent
1. Theory of Flight 6. Near to me 11. One white Tulip
2. Wake up 7. Brianna's Song  
3. Fly 8. No Goodbyes
4. Jaded 9. I can't sing
5. Fallen for you 10. Seem to be
by MM Reunion Records, Inc. 2000



The music of Godrock is not metal, it rather falls under the category of "pop/rock". Some of their songs are so wonderful I want to cry. Try "Wild Horses", "Take my Hand" and "Praise awaits". Not only intelligent texts, but also a sound you won't forget.

Let there be dancing
Godrock - Let there be dancing
1. Let there be Dancing 6. Procession 11. Psalm 48: Walk about Zion
2. Follow the Lion 7. Not be shaken 12. Prayer Song
3. Praise awaits 8. Kingdom Celebration 13. We will stand
4. Christ the solid Rock 9. Praise be to God my Rock  
5. His Love endures 10. Crush the Walls
by Remnant Records 1993

Live at Joel's Place
Godrock - Live at Joel's Place
1. Wild Horses 6. Fall on Me 11. Lift Me up
2. Upon this Rock 7. Breathe 12. Take away the Veil
3. Be Released 8. Take my Hand 13. New Shoes Blues
4. Joel's Place 9. Trample on the Ashes  
5. Sing to Him a new Song 10. Crowns down
by Remnant Records 1995



Bloodgood (named after their bassist, Michael Bloodgood) plays 'White Metal', that means their music is Heavy Metal with Christian songtexts. Strong E-guitars, characteristic vocals and intelligent texts are their trademark. Many of their songs are ballads.
I love their music. Singing along's not only good against aggression, but also a nice way to paint the ceiling in your new appartment... ;-) [My neighbours might still think otherwise, though.].

The Collection
Bloodgood - The Collection
1. Anguish and Pain 5. New Age Illusion 9. Shakin' It 13. Do or Die
2. Battle of the Flesh 6. Crucify 10. Killing the Beast 14. The Presence
3. Eat the Flesh 7. The Messiah 11. Alone in Suicide 15. Top of the Mountain
4. Never be the Same 8. What's following the Grave 12. Out of the Darkness 16. Black Snake
by Intense Records (Frontline Music Group) 1991

All stand together
Bloodgood - All stand together
1. S.O.S. 6. Kingdom come 11. Streetlight Dancer
2. All stand together 7. Fear no Evil 12. I want to live in Your Heart
3. Escape from the Fire 8. Help Me 13. New Shoes Blues
4. Out of Love 9. Rounded are the Rocks  
5. Say Goodbye 10. Lies in the Dark
by Broken Records 1991



The music of Whitecross is also White Metal. Lead Vocals sung by Scott Wenzel, the band's songs are very catchy with wonderful refrains. Especially "In his Hands". God, I love that song! This CD has accompanied me for three weeks through Scotland, and is still likely to end up in my car's radio.

In the Kingdom
Whitecross - In the Kingdom
1. No second Chances 6. Love is our Weapon 11. Holy War
2. We know what's right 7. The eternal Fire (Guitar Solo)  
3. In the Kingdom 8. You will find It there
4. In his Hands 9. If He goes before Me
5. Good enough 10. Tell Me the Time
by Star Song Communications 1991


Scott Wenzel

Scott Wenzel's music is very similar to the sound of "Whitecross". White Metal in form of mostly ballads, you can't help but sing alongside him after listing to the CD for two, three times. I especially like "Sarah" and "Are You faithful".

Heart like Thunder
Scott Wenzel - Heart like Thunder
1. One God, one Love 6. Sarah
2. Give up Your Heart 7. Heart like Thunder
3. Heart on Fire 8. Are You faithful
4. His Eyes 9. Find our Way
5. He laid aside his Glory 10. You gave Everything
by WAL (Word Records & Music) 1993


White Metal - Sampler

If you'd like to try White Metal, this CD is a good start - the title is apt. A sampler with songs not only from Bloodgood and Whitecross (my favorites), this is a CD I can wholeheartedly recommend each and every song of. Not a single one of them isn't good, and my preferences tend to shift according to my mood. My favorites often are "Just a Man", "Will I find Love" and "I miss the Rain".

Heavenly Metal Ballads
Heavenly Metal Ballads
1. In his Hands - Whitecross 5. Eyes of Innocent - Holy Soldier 9. Lead Me back - Legend 13. Broken Heart - Creed
2. Innocent again - Idle Cure 6. Will I find Love - Age of Faith 10. Top of the Mountain - Bloodgood 14. Carry Me - Angelica
3. I miss the Rain - Bride 7. Remember You - Chryztyne 11. Just a Man - The Brave 15. Lay Your Weapons down - Liaison
4. House of Dreams - Magdallan 8. Time - Rachel-Rachel 12. Soul Searcher - Halo 16. Do You know what Love is - Guardian
by Pila Music 1993


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