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Babylon 5 was the very first online fandom I got into once I'd read and downloaded all that there was (at the time) of Highlander - The Series. Somehow the close and somewhat unlikely friendship between stiff, by-the-book EarthForce officer Jeffrey Sinclair and much more relaxed former alcoholic Michael Garibaldi got to me with an intensity that is, admittedly, a bit out of proportion to the size of Jeff Sinclair's role in the B5 universe and the series itself. Nonetheless, my OTP happened, and I can no longer imagine it differently.
Unfortunately, since the end of the series more and more B5-related pages have disappeared from the 'net, and the images least likely to still be found are of course of season 1 character Jeff Sinclair. In order to provide at least a small collection for the online fandom, I put together this gallery. And if you happen to have a nice, good-quality Jeff and/or Mike pic and would like to see it here, don't hesitate to e-mail it to me!

Oh, and one more thing... I've got to admit that I haven't the faintest idea where I downloaded all these images, ages ago. So if I happened to take one from your site, just tell me, give me the URL on your page (so I can take a look and give my most humble apologies afterwards *g*), and I'll remove it immediately.

For easier loading, the pictures below are only thumbnails.
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A talk between friends Babylon 5 in space In arms Commander Jeffrey Sinclair Security Chief Michael Garibaldi 'There is a hole in your mind' Sheridan's staff
Greeting the Minbari Mike with PPG Station and crew Ranger One Michael Garibaldi The coming of Shadows Old friends
Taking aim The levels below Jeff Sinclair Garibaldi in the war room Starfuries in space The Grey Council The voice of the Resistance
The White Star in hyperspace Jeff, Mike and Susan 'War without end' The White Star in front of a planet


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