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The new school-teacher left with an expression of rightful indignation on her beautiful face. Ezra stared after her, too hurt to let his pokerface slam into place immediately.

Chris scowled, "Bitch had no right to talk to you like that. Knew about your 'occupation' well before you started courtin' her."

Ezra turned, his face again unperturbed, pretending it didn't matter. "The lovely Miss Wilson only spoke the truth. I'm not someone to start a family with."

Chris couldn't bear it anymore. "Stop that! What do you need her for anyway?"

"What do you mean?"

"This." And Chris kissed him.

"The Magnificent Seven" (TV series) drabble by allaire mikháil, OW, 100 words, Chris/Ezra, Chris' POV, rated G
Wow, finally a true drabble (per definition <g>)! But believe me, it wasn't easy; more like an amputation. How can you tell a story by using no more than 100 words?! It's a traumatic experience! Unbeta'd since here's just not enough space for the mother of all grammatical errors...
Inspired by Dorkjunkie & Sassysouix's "Light of Day", with me seeing an alternate storyline in front of my inner eye (or rather, my slash-colored glasses *g*).

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