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A Hard Day's Night

It was dark on the observation deck. The only light came from the stars, shining like diamonds in the endless night of space. Jeff Sinclair sat in the corner of the window, staring outside, motionless like a statue. The beauty of the view never failed to entrall him, calm him. And he really needed that after this day.

He allowed his stiff posture to relax a little and sighed. Ivanova, his second-in-command, had been forced to take some of her unused leave time and had left the station, predicting a catastrophe. As usual, her Russian pessimism had been proven right. She and the Drazi might scream at each other all the time, but they got along amazingly well in diplomatic matters. Now the Drazi ambassador refused to speak with anyone else in EarthGov, but behaved even more rudely during the meetings of the League of the Non-Aligned Worlds. Jeff had felt like a circus director there, or worse, a kindergarden teacher. Oh well.

The door to the observation lounge glid open with an almost silent swoosh. Jeff turned his head to the outline of a figure in the hallway. He smiled involuntarily and gestured to the newcomer to enter.

"Michael. What are you doing here?" His voice was light, pleased. Only Garibaldi knew him well enough to find him here instead of having to search for him by com-link.

"Hard day, Jeff?" Garibaldi's face was intent, compassionate.

Jeff rubbed his temples and nodded.

"What about some nice Italian tagliatelle with shrimps, a backrub and this?"

Michael's teeth shone white in the darkness as he leaned forward and kissed him lightly, tenderly. Jeff sighed almost inaudibly and allowed himself to lean on the strength and mere presence of his friend and lover. The days might be hard, but the nights were a dream come true.

"Babylon 5" ficlet by allaire mikháil, 308 words, Jeff Sinclair/Michael Garibaldi, Jeff POV, rated PG
Yeah, I like the Beatles. Still. Most of all John Lennon. So what?! And I do have bad days at work, plus the chaos that results from muddled up replacement decisions. Hmpf.
Beta'd? This was beta'd? Hmmm... if so, it was by Gail. So, thanks, Gail! :-)

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