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sneak preview: fiction in English

babylon 5
To Live a Dream in the City of Sorrows   ~ vague idea ~
Slash. R. Sinclair/Garibaldi. Sequel to "Really Sleeping in Light". Valen and Minashol do their best to unite both the Rangers and the different Minbari castes - against dangers from outside and within their ranks.
Away from the Shadows We Move   ~ started, aborted, will be finished one day ~
Slash. R. Sinclair/Garibaldi. Set directly after JMS' comics "Shadows Past and Present", Michael Garibaldi fights his addiction to booze - as well as to Lt. Cmdr. Sinclair.
Fires in the Night   ~ started, aborted ~
Slash. NC-17. Sinclair/Garibaldi. Games in the bedroom. Control lost, control taken. A fire scorching the skin.

due south
North of the Arctic Circle   ~ vague idea ~
Slash. PG-13. Fraser/Kowalski. Set after CotW. At the arctic circle, the horizon stretches endlessly. White, cerulean and ice blue are the only colors you see. Here, those of us who listened found what others had searched for in vain.

gerry anderson's u.f.o.
Breaking the Silence   ~ detailed idea ~
Slash. PG-13. Straker/Freeman. An accidentally overheard remark to an old friend of Alec Freeman is the catalyst for a rapid change in his friendship with Ed Straker - and perhaps its end. Nobody is allowed to leave S.H.A.D.O., it is said...

harry potter
By Any Other Name   ~ started, aborted ~
Slash. PG-13. Harry/Snape. AU to OotP. Snape has a potions accident, and Harry falls in love with a Slytherin... girl.
Make Believe   ~ started, aborted ~
Slash. NC-17. Snape/Black. AU to OotP. Forced into working together by Albus Dumbledore, Snape and Sirius have to overcome their mutual hatred.

magnificent seven
The other Seven   ~ vague idea ~
Slash. PG-13. Peter Nichols/fake "Showgirl" from "Penance", Rafe Mosely/Chanu, Rafael Cordova de Martinez & Kate Stokes, Francis Corcoran. What if another group of seven men and women banded together to follow in the steps of Chris Larabee's men?
High Stakes   ~ started, aborted, will be finished one day ~
Slash. NC-17. Chris/Ezra. An unusual prize in an illegal Poker tournament brings former FBI agent Ezra Standish into an untenable position.
Steadfast Companion   ~ started, aborted ~
Slash. R. Chris/Ezra. She followed him around wherever he went. Unfortunately, no one save him could see her - after all, she was a ghost.

stargate: atlantis
One Man alone   ~ started, aborted ~
Pre-slash. R. Sheppard/McKay, Kavanagh. Suddenly back in a strangely changed SGC, it is up to Dr. Kavanagh to discover what alteration in the original timeline sent the Atlantis expedition home in defeat.

the west wing
Unimaginable   ~ started, aborted ~
Slash. R. Josh/Jed. How would you feel, what would you do if the unimaginable happened?

weiss kreuz
Shades of Different Color   ~ started, aborted ~
Slash. R. Yohji/Schuldig. Yohji has always been unreasonably attracted to redheads.

sneak preview: fiction in German

babylon 5
Eine märchenhafte Romanze   ~ started, aborted ~
Slash. PG. Sinclair/Garibaldi. AU. Märchen. Der Prinz hat gelernt, so zu tun, als sei die Hexe gar nicht da. Als berührten ihre Worte ihn nicht. Aber seine Trauer ist so endlos wie der Quell, aus dem er trinken muß.

raumschiff enterprise (star trek: the original series)
... As Time is a River   ~ started, aborted, unlikely to be finished ~
Pre-slash oder slash. PG-13. Kirk, Spock. Der Nexus kann einem nicht alle Wünsche erfüllen, ist aber auch alles andere als einfach zu verlassen.
'Der Weg in der Dunkelheit'
Können alle Wunden heilen?   ~ started, aborted ~
Slash. NC-17. Kirk/Spock. #2 - Jim Kirk muß lernen, seine Tat zu akzeptieren. Aber kann Spock ihm verzeihen... und falls ja, wie soll es weitergehen? Schließlich ist Spock Vulkanier...

sneak preview: co-authored fiction in English

babylon 5
In dark Ages   ~ started, aborted, unlikely to be finished ~
written with ljnatlet
Slash. R. Sinclair/Garibaldi. AU. Sinclair was not sent to Minbar as an ambassador and instead had to accept a posting on Earth. There, he soon became a close witness to the atrocities committed under President Clark's rule.


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